Our Team

Our Team

Our dedicated team comprises of competent people with extensive knowledge and experience. Our professionalism and expertise help us to service our clients to their satisfaction. Partners of our firm are:

Partners :

CA Megha Sundaresh Andani
B.Com , LLB, FCA

Megha, partner and a member of ICAI, boasts over a decade of rich experience in the field. Prior to her role in the firm, she honed her skills at KPMG, where she contributed to the M&A taxation team, gaining invaluable insights into complex tax matters. Specializing in tax and consultancy services, Megha has successfully represented numerous corporates before various forums.

With a background in commerce and law, Megha brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical experience to her role. Her commitment to social responsibility is evident through her additional role as a Corporate Social Responsibility consultant, firmly believing in the transformative power of corporations in shaping our society for the better.

Megha is known for her collaborative leadership style, fostering a culture of teamwork and accountability within her team. She recognizes the importance of technology in modernizing and accelerating the services provided by chartered accountants, embracing innovation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in delivering value to clients.

CA Pradeep Chandra

Pradeep is a Chartered Accountant with almost twenty years of extensive experience. His expertise spans from assurance to taxation matters, making him well-versed in a wide range of financial domains. Pradeep stands out as one of the pioneers who successfully completed ICAI's IFRS examination, showcasing his dedication and proficiency in global accounting standards. He has conducted audits for numerous entities where IND AS is applicable, demonstrating his deep understanding of audit requirements and regulations.

With his in-depth knowledge of audit matters, Pradeep plays a pivotal role in guiding the assurance practice with valuable insights and strategies. Additionally, he holds a bachelor's degree in commerce, further solidifying his foundation in financial expertise. Outside of his professional life, Pradeep is an avid cricket fan, showcasing his passion for sports and leisure pursuits.

CA K Balakrishna Shabaraya
B.Com, FCA

A commerce graduate who cleared his Chartered Accountancy exam in 1986, he boasts extensive experience in both the practice and corporate sectors. Beginning his career in practice, he transitioned into the corporate world and steadily climbed the ranks to become the Chief Financial Officer of a prominent aviation company. Despite his success in the corporate realm, he returned to practice to pursue his enduring passion for the practice.

His diverse and rich experience brings a fresh perspective to the firm, blending insights gained from years of hands-on practice and strategic financial leadership in a corporate setting.

CA Purshotham Pai

A young Chartered Accountant with a passion for growth, his curiosity propels him forward in the fields of taxation and assurance. Purushotam Pai, a partner at Sundaresh and Co,brings a comprehensive understanding of income tax matters to the firm. With approximately four years of post-qualification experience, he has honed his expertise across various facets of income tax.

Purushotam's professional journey is marked by extensive involvement in income tax audit, tax consultancy, and tax assessments, covering a diverse range of entities such as individuals, Association of Persons (AOP), Hindu Undivided Families (HUF), trusts, and partnership firms. His adeptness in navigating the intricacies of tax regulations ensures that clients receive tailored solutions to their tax-related concerns. He also possesses valuable experience in conducting concurrent and internal audits of depository participants, indicating his proficiency in regulatory compliance and risk management within the financial sector.

Founder :

CA Sundaresha
A.S, B.sc , LLB, FCA

A distinguished member of ICAI, laid the foundation of the firm in 1978, leveraging over four decades of profound experience. His expertise spans across various facets of income tax matters, encompassing corporate tax, international tax, and transfer pricing. With a diverse clientele ranging from individuals to foreign corporates, he has established himself as a trusted advisor renowned for his adept handling of search and seizure cases.

In addition to his role as founder, Sundaresha serves as a consultant with Advith Consulting LLP, further extending his influence and expertise in the realm of financial consultancy. His commitment to nurturing talent is evident through his mentorship, having imparted knowledge and guidance to over 200 chartered accountants throughout his illustrious career.

Sundaresha embodies the philosophy of lifelong learning, believing that staying curious and adaptable in an ever-evolving financial landscape is paramount. His dedication to personal and professional growth echoes the sentiment that continuous learning not only sets one apart but also paves the way for leadership within the industry.

Consultants :

S. N Sethuram

After earning his bachelor's degree in science, he embarked on a distinguished career with the income tax department, starting as an inspector and steadily ascending to the position of DCIT before opting for voluntary retirement in 2007. His expertise in income tax law is unparalleled, complemented by a unique perspective that defines his professional approach. Following his tenure with the income tax department, he transitioned into a role as a freelance consultant with Sundaresh & Co, where he continues to pursue his passion for direct tax work.

Beyond his professional achievements, he is renowned for his artistic talents, delivering unforgettable performances in plays such as "Maya Mruga," "Manvanthara," and "Mukta." Moreover, he has made significant contributions to the realm of theater and television, having written and directed various plays and serials. His literary works, including books like "Navalla" and "Dahana," stand as testament to his diverse creative endeavors. His immense contributions to Kannada theater have been recognized with the prestigious Karnataka Nataka Academy award.

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